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Coping with COVID-19

On a website all about positivity, it's important to acknowledge that always being positive is highly unreasonable, especially during times like these.

Not every problem can be fixed with fun activities or information, sometimes we just aren't ok, which is okay. Give yourself the time you need until you are ready to pull yourself together(even if the progress is small).

Check out what other mental health professionals are saying.

In this news article professions advise people not to check the hour by hour changing information of the virus. They also suggest taking the situation day by day, trying to establish a routine that will provide order and calm. Finally, find activities that, "feed your soul" to help engage in you in various activities.

It's important to remember that stress and anxiety are normal responses to this situation, and this website helps people work to reduce that stress. Some of the steps mentioned include recognizing the feelings when they arise, face the feelings head-on and don't avoid them. But it's also important to be easy on yourself, and not all days will be equal.

Kristen Neff is a leading psychologist who specializes in self-compassion, something we all might not know we need right now. The link above lets you test how compassionate you towards yourself, and leads to her full website with more information. With so many stressors in our current situation, remember you are doing the best you can, try not to compare yourself to what others are doing, and it's ok to love yourself for trying.

Dr. David Palmiter is the instructor who inspired this whole website, see his blog(first link) for resources on parenting. He has information on various age ranges and family dynamics to help parents through this pandemic and through normal life. He has also made a YouTube specific to issues brought up by COVID-19 which can be accessed through the second link. Most recently he has listed some of his favorite humorous videos on parenting, find them on his blog or some of them in the "Giggle Break" post on this website.


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