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Conquering Home School pt. 2

With schools closed and parents working from home, it's important to remember not to turn the home into a place of stress and work. So here are some things you can do to home school light-hearted and fun.

  • Prioritize play and unstructured time.

If you are unable to play with your kids and their work is done, here are some online games they can play

Connect favorite TV shows with games and activities

Explore endess posibilities of games here

Use loved TV characters to help kids learn while having fun

These games can be educational, build teamwork skills, and build emotional intelligence

Games, games, and more games for slightly older kids

  • Use online learning resources.

This science based YouTuber is adding live classes to his Channel! Tune in for the class or his other fun and unconventional uses of science.

Math, Reading, Science, and Art for kids ages 2-8

For kids of all ages, Khan Academy is offering free lessons and recources for parents

This Website gives 10 more online learning websites, and ways the pros and cons for each one!

*See original Conquering Home School post for more

  • Encourage virtual playdates.

If you haven't heard about zoom yet, let me introduce you to how most classes are being held these days. This website allows you to video call friends in groups and is totally free and kid friendly. My 9 year old brother has video play dates every night now, where they talk about video games and their toys.

  • Embrace family time.

Similar to play, make time to do the family activities you normally wouldn't have time for.

1. Start family game nights

2. Have a sibling baking contest

3. Host a movie marathon in a blanket fort

4. Camp out in the back yard for a night

5. Set up a scavenger hunt



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