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Boredom Busters pt. 2

Like the last original post here are some things you can do at home to help keep day to day life interesting. This time, all the suggested activities are internet free considering so much of our time is now spent in front of the screen.

1. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure

2. Take a bubble bath with a good book

3. Try writing short stories or poetry

4. Meditate (There are tons of online guided meditations)

5. Sit outside to soak up the sun, or play in the snow (weather can be weird)

6. Create a self-love list

7. Try a new facemask or beauty product

8. Try something new with your hair

9. Go hiking in a remote location

10. Experiment with new recipes (or teach your kids how to cook or bake)

11. Make a vision board with your goals

12. Foster a pet (tons of people are getting furry friends while at home -

13. Stage a photoshoot

14. Clean out your closet, room, whole house?

15. Do at home exercise or go for walks

16. Start a DIY project

17. Make lists of personal or professional goals

18. Make a finances plan

19. Write love notes to your S.O. or yourself or a loved one

20. Plan your dream trip

21. Make a bucket list

22. Have a dance party in the house

23. Tye-dye something

24. Play yard games

25. Make something crafty

* For more unique things to do check out the original boredom busters post (under the blog page) for continued additions to content, or check out the stay connected post for things you can do with friends at a distance.


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