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Stay Connected

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Connect with friends through an internet party that is social distance friendly!

As tempting as it is to continue to see our friends and travel for spring break, it is crucial for youth to stay home. The more we socialize the more likely we are to get someone sick, it may not be you, but it could be your grandparents or a friend's family member.

It's lonely at home alone though, so in order to stay connected with friends, here are some ways you can communicate safely online.

This app allows you to face-time with your friends and simultaneously play games. Which is realistically more games you'd play with a friend in person so give it a try!

This is a chrome extension that allows for group Netflix watching so you can watch movies with friends without the risk of infection!

A collection of games that allows for up to 10 players that is purchasable through the apple app store, PS4, Steam, Xbox 1, Switch, etc.

This app on the app store or google play that is also for streaming with friends, watch and connect through lots of apps like Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, and even music.

Similar to the other apps this is a way to stay connected with friends. Its a combination of face time and messaging, where you can record video messages to be watched live or later by a group or individuals. Imagine a group chat with video messages instead of text.


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